Yesterday, I had a very distinct reaction to an innocuous thing. I was watching TV when a promo came on. The commercial was for a CBS drama called “All Rise”. This particular commercial touted the show’s new episodes in which the characters were now dressed in COVID specific attire. The masks, the visors, and such. And almost immediately, I felt such a negative reaction that I had to change the channel. To something else, anything else, that did not remind me of the pandemic, now 9 month-plus old and still going strong.

Since commercials are resistant little…

Conspiracy World: greetings from the fringe. and please enjoy the free coffee

by David Kovacs

Welcoming speech, of sorts, from The Conspiracy Guild Convention, local #2472

Location: multi-purpose room and dungeon, tri-country Ramada Inn (undisclosed)

Welcome to this year’s Conspiracy Guild Convention, local 2472. If you’re mistakenly from local 2473, your meeting is being held at the abandoned DeVry Institute on I95. Likewise, if you’re wrong-headedly aligned with local 2471, I’m sorry to inform you that your entire local has committed suicide. …

by David Kovacs

The stick had had its fill. The Basset Hound that came into its life two weeks before was supposed to be a temporary thing. A bridge dog between Milo, the Border Collie that had broken her heart and Buddy, a beach dog, who had piercing blue eyes and read Kerouac. The hound had gotten in, as most do, by lowered expectations and even lower resolve.

The canine had a name. Cooper.

Cooper wasn’t a bad dog, as below average dogs go. He would have made any mouldy boot or dirty rag a reasonable companion. Both being from…

by David Kovacs

Argentine real estate magnate, Federico Alvarez Castillo, received quite the shock while on vacation in Uruguay this week. A pig was thrown from a helicopter over his summer residence, crashing down into the pool. Castillo and his wife were inside at the time, when they heard a loud noise. ‘We went out to see what it was, we saw the disgusting action which caused us a great deal of upset as a very, very sick joke,” he said.

Video has surfaced of the incident. Showing the animal being thrown out a helicopter hovering above the residence…

by David Kovacs

Hello, my name is Gerald. I identify as a ghost. I am not undead or mortally challenged. I am a ghost. And yes, I am reclaiming that term. A slur, which the living has used against my kind for millennia. While I call myself a ghost or a full form specter, you may not. You can simply call me Gerald, without referring to my status on or off your mortal coil.

I am also your roommate. I am neither offended nor insulted by that label. Or any other cohabitating descriptor like ``roomie`` or ” flatmate”.

So as…

by David Kovacs

Playa Mansa, Punta del Este, Uruguay: photo by David Kovacs

As I sit here right now in Uruguay, spinning on the lower half (or top half, depending on your perspective) of this sphere we call planet Earth, I take notice of a very specific weather phenomenon. The sunset in the west is noticeably redder. There’s an extra maroon glow in the sky. The weather reports tell me that the extra colour comes from the Australian fires some 12,000 kilometers away. The burning of a continent has made its way to our shores.

The cloud of soot crossed the vast Pacific, went over the impenetrable Andes and made…

by David Kovacs

Since it’s 2020 minus a couple hours, let’s take this time to look back, navel gaze, complain, harrumph, stew, and simmer with resentments. It’s time to face some cold hard facts. You didn’t get a lot done. You mainly coasted. You took the year off. And put everything on auto pilot for 365 days.

So let’s take a gander at the wrongs you did during the soon to be late and not great year of 2019.

CONTINUED YOUR BAD RELATIONSHIP — You kept that boyfriend, girlfriend, non-cisgendered friend way too long. Your coupling went way past expiry…

by David Kovacs

Snow is not all that it’s cracked up to be. Neither are Christmas shopping, holiday gorging, or forced yuletide get-togethers.

But like most, I grew up in the land of the North. Where Christmas is in winter and New Year’s is spent huddled together outside in the cold, waiting for a ball to drop or for a firework to be lit. None of which seem particularly pleasant, and more like testing of one’s resolve than anything else. Some manage to get through it. Some don’t. And others just crack. …

by David Kovacs, written after one particularly restless night

Something’s quite odd, in the back of my head

It answers to none, ignores what is said

At night it comes in, my will then undone

It nests in my brain, the spot it has won

The murmurs then start, its goal to stop sleep

It mutters some more, attention to keep

It stays ’til it’s done, but when the dawn breaks

It leaves for new things, and pulls up its stakes

The night turns to day, the day turns to night

It jumps right back in, I put up some…


by David Kovacs

A boy and his cat.

Not your traditional pairing. The boy had pleaded for a dog from his parents. But after a series of complex negotiations, ended up with a cat.

The boy’s name is not important. Though most of you will guess that I am, or was, that boy. The cat’s name was Tiger. The third cat of mine with that name. I apologize for the lack of imagination of my 10 year old self. I really didn’t become interesting until I was 12.

Back to…

David Kovacs

The quick brown expat fox jumped over the lazy dog in Uruguay.

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